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Generating the Big Idea with Tim Diering on March 10th at 12 pm ET

A Simple, Self-contained Process for Coming up with Better Big Ideas, More Often.

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New to the world of direct response copywriting? This Copywriting Crash Course will help you build and practice your skills quickly so you can confidently deliver great copy that works. It's all available now inside the brand new Copy Chief Training Suite. At the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to confidently wear the badge of “professional copywriter” – plus a real portfolio with relevant samples that you can show to clients who are looking for copywriters with your new skills.

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“Money Skills” are copywriting skills that have an immediate impact on sales.

Inside Copy Chief, you'll learn how to develop your money skills with our guided trainings, including:

Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting is a critical 'marketing-money-skill' for any business owner or copywriter. In this exclusive Masterclass, Chris Orzechowski and I talked about the ONE email that ‘always gets the sale.’

Watch us break down:

Business owners - Looking for your next copywriter?

Business owners - Looking for your next copywriter?

Facebook Ads Copywriting

Here's a masterclass on how to 5x results with Facebook Ads.

In this training, you'll also learn:

Business owners - Looking for your next copywriter?

Advertorial Presell Pages

Advertorials are pre-sale pages using story-based copy, specifically designed to warm up cold traffic and capture skeptical audiences. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how a single page can be responsible for turning strangers into hot prospects that know, like and trust you.

You’ll also discover…

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60-Second Sales Hook

Knowing how to write a compelling story that makes a new prospect Know, Like, and Trust you is essential for everybody in the digital marketing space.

Today, you have less than 6 seconds to capture someone's attention after they stop scrolling. The 60-Second Sales Hook is the quickest way to write a short line that establishing Know, Like, and Trust....

... so you can win the sale using the power of your unique story.

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Our new Training Suite is your one-stop-shop for improving your copy chops, and keeping your finger “on the pulse” of what’s working now.


Generating the Big Idea with Tim Diering A Simple, Self-contained Process for Coming up with Better Big Ideas, More Often.

The Big Idea is the lifeblood of all marketing, and the engine that drives all ALL copywriting.

Any copywriter who can consistently come up with the right Big Idea quickly, will be able to write their own ticket into any of the big publishers and agencies.

Unfortunately – too many copywriters get bogged down... frustrated... lost... when it comes to finding THE Big Idea. The RIGHT Big Idea.

Fortunately – there is a solution.

Tim Diering has been working in the copywriting trenches for 20 years – writing mostly for the big financial publishers at Agora.

Today, he’s a Copy Chief with Banyan Hill – one of the biggest divisions of Agora. He’s worked with many copywriters over the course of his career.

And the one thing many of them struggled with – including himself – was finding the Big Idea.

And in this exclusive Copy Chief training, Tim’s pulling back the curtain to share his personal process for unlocking the Big Idea trapped in your brain...

He calls it the B*I*G – the Big Idea Generator… Your personal “one-person brainstorming session”.

No more struggling for a Big Idea – nor more resorting to borrowed ideas, themes, or angles.

With the BIG, you’ll get original ideas, the first time out.

As you’ll discover in this training, what makes the Big Idea Generator so powerful...

Is that it removes your brain from the pressure cooker of the “sales letter” – effectively eliminating the performance anxiety around writing the copy...

And instead, creates a safe space for your mind to run free – making connections and discovering thought patterns you might have never noticed otherwise.

In this live training, you’ll learn:

The Amazing 60-Second Sales Hook That Creates An Instant Bond With Your Best Prospects…

PLUS: get fill-in-the-blank templates and word-for-word video scripts that instantly establish Know, Like and Trust with visitors to your site!


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